The A – Z Of Lanzarote – Canary Islands

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, so finding something to do wont be that difficult. Tenerife‘s influence comes from the tribal culture of the Guanche’s, Lanzarote who were actually the first inhabitants of the island. For those thinking about learning about different cultures and history, then Tenerife is a great spot to visit.

Spain’s largest peak, Mount Teide offers a dream for outdoor adventurists, with breath-taking views, and hikes for all levels, it’s a company favourite for those attempting to keep active on christmas.

Loro Park offers an abundance of tropical birds, and the Zoo Monkey Park is a great day out for those wanting to slow the pace down. If you’re looking for an action packed water-park, then the 28 rides at Siam Park will no doubt keep you entertained – it’s also rated one of the top water parks in the world, so definitely worth experiencing.

The Canary Islands offer some impressive contrasts. Here you will find one of the highest mountains in Europe, beaches of black sand and seas of still-hot volcanic lava, as well as moss-cloaked and

mist-shrouded forests that have survived from the Tertiary Era. Some of the islands in this archipelago are razor-sharp, steep and volcanic, their tops hidden by cloud; a couple of them are mere slivers of sand, like slices cut from nearby mainland Africa and rolled flat by blistering sunshine.

Parts of this archipelago, marooned out in the Atlantic Ocean, are better known to Europeans escaping mid-winter blues than they are to Spaniards. At the height of the season, tourists outnumber local people by five to one. They are attracted by a remarkably consistent climate: the average temperature of 17°C (63°F) in winter increases to 24°C (75°F) in summer, with a cooling offshore breeze.Lanzarote

A Gran Canaria holiday is known for experiencing its breath-taking beaches that stretch along the coast. Mogan Beach faces onto picturesque villages, that are ideal for finding those little holiday trinkets to take home. Beaches like Anfi del Mar are covered in beautiful white sands, and offer lots of opportunities for those water-sports enthusiasts to have some fun.

With 500 years in the making, the gastronomy on the island is first class. Born out of its tradition as a great Atlantic port, travellers from over a hundred countries descended on Gran Canaria, bringing with them the flavours of ten meridians from all around. The Queso de Flor cheese, sweet potato pasties, wines, sugar cane rum and coffee, will all get those taste buds flowing.

Whilst the beaches are spectacular and will be great for darkening your tan, also think food, fiestas, golf and impressive culture when you think of Gran Canaria.

Did you know that Fuerteventura sits on the same latitude as Florida and Mexico? This basically implies that the weather is breath-takingly similar, and can be reached in only a third of time. Regarded as the oldest of the Canary Islands, it’s geographical location just 60 miles off the coast of Morocco, implies that for thousands of years the sand from the Sahara desert has been deposited on its beaches – all 150 of them!

There are other activities in Gran Canaria that you can try your hand at but as it’s known mostly for being home to the best beaches in the Canaries, it’s a must see if you would like to work on that all-important tan.

Fuerteventura is for the disco queens or kings and late night party person!

Like Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura is well known for its beaches as there are 150 of them! Alongside that, the nightlife here is second to none. From quirky seaside carnivals so some top class night clubs, there is so much that you can enjoy.

All the bars and restaurants here cater for the holiday-makers that are looking to stay out that little bit later so a great spot to visit if that’s what you’re looking for.

3 Enticing Tips To Travel To China Like Nobody Else

Program your China tour in winter? China has a ls and seasonal climate. Southern areas are in the tropical or subtropical area while northern areas are in the frigid area. Climates in different areas are complicated. Every season here has its charms and pitfalls!
Trying to find there before during the years that my wife and I romped around China on a budget. We were focusing on a teacher’s salary in a poor province, so being frugal was not just practical, it was necessary!
Many would advise not to end up being too adventurous on a first trip, especially if you see the chance of a more in-depth visit to explore the country in the future.
But with all that excitement arrived plenty of challenges and lows. Travelling in China wasn’t easy; we were scammed by a taxi within minutes of arriving in the country, i was met by unhelpful attendants whenever we tried purchasing train tickets (seriously, buying tickets at a Chinese place is a nightmare! ), we found ourselves stuck when our bus broke down and the company decided it had been each man for himself, and well, we also learned to be on aware when walking down the pavement, because guys, there’s a lot of waste matter…
China was fascinating, but it was also exhausting. Yes, I might go back to China, but I also think I was a little naive during my first check out. This is a country that you must jump into prepared, and I honestly don’t think I was. So today, I thought I’d reveal some of tips, insights, and musings for tackling China and hopefully enjoying the experience!
We will list some top places to visit in China in winter in three categories – places for travelers from hot areas; areas for snowbirds and locations for migrant birds.
People from some ” hot areas” such as Southeast Asian countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Quarterly report and the list could end up being much longer, prefer to visit some cold areas in China, in a hope to feel the cold and touch the snow. Below is a listing of the top destinations and actions for travelers from the hot areas.
Because the coldest city in the most northern China, Harbin’s coldest months fall on late December through early March. Late November through the whole January is the snowing season and January is the coldest month with the average temperature at -25 ℃. Harbin’s winter is dry, chilly and long coupled with a longer time of snow covering.
The Chinese are less passionately touchy feely, and larg and kiss much less than people from other cultures. When you meet a stranger, it might be best simply to greet verbally instead of trying to tremble hands. This feels not naturally made to most Chinese. When greetings, a slight nod is fine. May bow and never kiss or hug hello or goodbye, as personal contact is not that common.
Also numbers are considered good luck, with number four being the exception. It is appropriate to send one gift or send out them in pairs.
The rise of the smartphone provides revolutionized travel in China. Even if you don’t plan to uncover your phone in China, you can still use the Wi-fi function for maps, translation and ebook reading. Listed below are my favorite China travel applications:
You will find two simple reasons why this is a mantra you should whole-heartedly adopt during your travels in China:
The Beijing – Wanlong Holiday resort drive takes about 3 or more hours if there is no visitors jam, no foggy time or no roads blocked because of heavy snow. Taking a fast train from Beijing to Zhangjiakou is a good standby if Jingzhang Expressway is difficult to drive due to the traffic congestion provided that you should prearrange your transport from Zhangjiakou to Wanlong Ski Rrsort. Check out Wanlong Ski Resort for more information.
Volunteer penguins on Beijing’s “queuing day” ahead of 2008 Olympics (seriously)
Nevertheless , remember that your gift may be viewed as a bribe, and it may make people experience indebted to you or be viewed in a negative method for these reasons. But in general, it will be okay if given in a friendly way.
The train is actually quite comfortable in China – if you it right. For travels of 4 hours or less you can get by with what is actually a hard seat” while anymore or overnight trips will certainly be best done with a hard sleeper” berth. Just like airline tickets, it is entirely possible to book China train tickets online
Focus on one region
General public displays of affection are frowned upon. Do not back again slap, hug or place your arm around they’ve shoulder, which will make a Chinese feel uncomfortable, since they tend not to like to be touched by strangers. Of course you can do if you are familiar with each other.
Many people I speak with have this impression that hostels, especially all those in countries like China, are dirty, uncomfortable, and loud. While there may be a couple of like that in China, I’m certain, the truth is that most of the time hostels are comparable to a 3-star hotel.
Prevent giving umbrellas because the Chinese language word for umbrellas, san sounds like the verb ‘to split up’.
Exchange Money Wisely
No longer give anything in fours since the Chinese word intended for four sounds like the word pertaining to death.
My recommendation for most people is to try to buy some RMB (renminbi) if possible before you occur – enough to just allow you to your hotel. Once on the hotel you can usually exchange cash for a reasonable price or – and this is what I recommend most often – you can just use your personal debit card to get cash from a Chinese CREDIT. Your bank will probably ask you for a small fee but the exchange rate won’t be as poor as the airport.
Danxia Geological National Park may be the choice of most travelers.
Zhangye is a small city in the Gansu corridor, passage to the remote west of China, so access is limited. The best way to travel to Zhangye is to go to Lanzhou first and then travel to Zhangye from Lanzhou-capital of Gansu Province by air or train Our travel advisors know how to combine Zhangye as well as your other destinations in the simplest way.
There are many hotels that you stay all throughout China and many of the time you won’t have to spend that much money. In fact , I have even outlined some choices where you can stay in a 5-star hotel in Beijing for less than $100 or even a 5-star hotel in Shanghai where you could do the same. If you put in the look effort before you leave, it’s certainly possible to stay in a very comfy hotel without breaking the bank!
Avoid bring non-halal items right into a Muslim restaurant/home (our guide can help if you’re unsure).
In China, restaurant bills will never be shared. They don’t move Dutch. ” The person hosting might be embarrassed if you chip in. However , if you have asked people out yourself, it really is expected that you spend on the entire bill.
You may choose to make a stop in Lanzhou, especially if exploring the Silk Road out west. 32 trains run from Lanzhou to Zhangye (6 hours by ordinary train, three or more hours high-speed). The 9 high-speed services leave from Lanzhou West Station (not Lanzhou Station), and second class is 150 yuan (24 USD).
Take a coat even in summer months to wear in the morning and in the evening, as the temperature drops rapidly at night. A face mask or scarf will help protect against the strong, dry and dusty wind. Wear a hat, sunscreen and great walking shoes. Shoes with low-cut uppers are not recommended as there is sandy soil.
Speaking of food, you’re bound to run into something that you’re not sure what. It’s happened multiple times in my experience and I’ve come to realize that finding out exactly what it is usually before I eat this makes the experience quite harmful.
Rather, I at least give myself the opportunity to formulate an unbiased opinion and then request what I just ate. Using this method I’ve had the chance to try horse meat, dog meats, turtle shell, fish eyes and much more. I know it sounds crazy but it really wasn’t that bad and the stories I have to inform are great!
The experienced tour guides can teach you about relevant points of Chinese etiquette and culture and help you have an easy and enjoyable trip. Consider touring with our guides particularly if this is your first trip.
Chengdu has become the 4th city in China After Beijing, Shanghai in china and Guangzhou to offer 72 hours free-visa transit stay to those transit passengers from 51 countries who will get into and leave China via Chengdu Shuangliu Airport with air-tickets for a third nation. This free-visa transit plan will boost local travel and exhibition industry meant for transit tourists and business travelers.
It had been the day before the Moon Cake Festival when Sam and I left Yangshuo (hotels decided to triple their prices and that kind of went us away). We were planned to leave on the last bus out of town which was departing at four: 30 p. m., but then the bus broke down.
Our top first timers tour is usually our 8-Day Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai Tour This tour is tailored to introduce people to China. It is modifiable as you wish.
Like in Western cultures, alcohol is usually a big part of the dining experience. I personally think that China – like many Oriental cultures – go a little overboard. There’s an almost college mentality at work: The more your guests drink, the better (and if they no longer want to, we’ll team peer pressure them! ). I think a big reason is certainly that Asian cultures often be less expressive and more formal-getting wasted with your new friend is not only a bonding experience, but may be the only way that some feel comfortable enough to allow their hair down and just unwind.
Prepare Your Mind for China

How To Travel To India

So let’s check out some of the things you will need if you would like to travel to India:
Basically, India is a fantastic spot to visit with your children, not only from the point of view of what they will see and do, but also because it will help them learn about a very different culture and way of life compared to their own – travel is an important way to open eyes and minds.
Few of the other beaches that you could look forward to visiting if you have more time to stay along with your friends or family are as follows. These are popular in their own respective way and provide for that thrill and engagement you wanted.
Where to go: India has something for everyone, each province offers very different experiences. If you are new to India perhaps consider some of the easier zones like Goa, Manali or hampi. I have written a series of itineraries for India so ensure that you check them out.
Our twins, Joe and Ellie, were nine years old when we took them to India – a fairly robust age first, we thought, for coping with safety and health issues.
When flying from the United States, you’ll have a layover. Common layover locations when traveling to India are Singapore, Japan and dubai. Singapore is fun because they promote tourism by offering free bus tours which include a boat ride. They do this to promote their brand new skyline condos, but no one tries to sell you anything and it’s a great way to beat the layover blues!You will encounter beggars in any large urban area in India probably. Many are likely to be young people or children suffering from obvious physical handicaps. Do not give them money – it is against the law, and your money may end up going to a gang leader. If you would like to give something, carry fruit or cookies with you as a small gift, Frommer’s advises.
Find out places to visit at your desired destination:
Food: Unless you are in a restaurant you often have to haggle when buying food as vendors will try to rip you off. Water should cost between 15/20 RS, the price is on the bottle always. A glass bottle of coke costs 10RS and toilet roll normally costs around 30RS. Malai kofta is probably my favorite Indian meal but I recommend trying as much local as possible, street food is the cheapest option. Cheap bananas can be bought and these are great snacks for long journeys everywhere.
Yes, there was lots of staring and sometimes our twins felt shy when they became the focus of attention – or were asked to be photographed by strangers. But when it comes to bridging a cultural divide and striking up a rapport with local people, travelling with children smoothed the way far more easily than if I’d been visiting India on my own.
That’s not to say, we were immune to culture shock. Far from it. We’d barely left the train station before an Indian boy – about Joe’s age – approached us, hand outstretched, begging for money. Both of his legs were crippled and he used a small, handmade trolley to drag himself along.
All types of perplexing cultural issues rear their heads when you’re travelling in India. Some, such as poverty and begging, will be more upsetting and controversial to your children than others. The never-ending noise or being able to eat using your right hand, however, may just be a continuous source of fascination for them. If nothing else, culture shock in India stimulates conversation with your kids; it opens their eyes, makes them wonder; forces them to think about issues far removed from their pampered lives back home. And that’s surely a good thing.
The place of Mahabalipuram is considered as a holy place with temples on the shore of the beaches where thousands of tourists flock all year round. The Arjuna’s Penance with five rathas and the large tiger cave is among the major attractions of the place. Also there is the heritage spot of Dakshinachitra where the traditional dance and culture of the local people of states is demonstrated with great zeal.
The People: I have had almost exclusively bad encounters with the predominantly Hindu population of India. Most of the extended experiences I had with Indians ended with them either trying to rob me, rip me off or asking me for money. Sikhs, Buddhists and Tibetans tended to be a lot more reliable than the average Hindu. Sikhs are extremely hospitable and it is possible to get free food and accommodation at most Sikh temples. You will certainly be approached by some nice seeming Hindus with excellent English – they are probably trying to steal from you. This happened to me a complete lot and I was stolen from twice in a year. If you are a women and are being approached by men they are trying to sleep with you, try not to travel alone. Southern India is more laid back than Northern India and the most hassle you will get in India is around the golden triangle and in big cities. People residing in the Himalayas tend to be absolutely lovely. Be careful whilst couchsurfing in India – although there are some nice hosts a lot of them are really bad news.

Eight Reasons To Travel To Italy

Mestled in the Italian Riviera, Manarola is one of the oldest towns in Cinque Terre The Five Lands” comprises of five villages noted for their beauty. Part of Cinque Terre charm is the lack of noticeable modern development. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages, and cars cannot reach it from the exterior. The towns sprout from the mountainside to provide a breathtaking look at of the Mediterranean sea.
Pack Appropriate Clothing
Electrical outlets vary considerably in Italy, so bring an adapter. Men should include long pants in their luggage to wear in the evening and both sexes should pack clothing with long sleeves for entry to religious sites. Shorts and mini skirts, as well as exposed shoulders, are prohibited in the Vatican. Be aware that footwear is a serious business in Italy. Pack an alternative to flip flops or sandals, especially in the evening, and socks for when wearing closed shoes for men. A durable pair of shoes with ankle support will come in convenient if exploring ancient ruins in Rome or Sicily, for example.
Investigate the Seasons
Italy can be searingly hot during the summer months, especially in southern cities such as Rome and Naples. Many restaurants and hotels close up in August as the owners decamp to the coast and only tourists cram the cities. The summer period is also a time when hotel rates are highest, although the south is cheaper than the north. Northern Italy in winter is cold, while the south remains relatively temperate, around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Rough Guides advises against trying to cover the whole country in one trip. A comfortable itinerary could visit the capital Rome and Vatican City, before heading north for the Renaissance beauty of Florence and Venice and the elegance and shopping opportunities of Milan.
Pick the Right Transportation
Here are several ways to discovering less expensive airfare to Italy:
Go to Italy amid the low season or the shoulder seasons – Italy’s high season, generally May through September, means costs on airfare (and different things) go far up. On the off chance that you visit amid the winter you can regularly discover genuine deals on flights, and in the shoulder seasons (March-April and October-November) arrangements are extremely great when the climate has a probability of being hotter than the winter months.
Allow enough time. Italy may be small in area, but the country is rich in art, architecture, history and culture. Give yourself enough time to see what you want to see. Make multiple trips so you can truly get to know each area of the country well. Plan time during the day to rest and relax. Many Italian attractions close during midday to let employees go to lunch. Bring a little folding chair or lush towel and a few books so you, too, can decompress. Use this time to write postcards and review the photographs you’ve taken so far.

The landscape of Lanzarote is unique

 In fact, UNESCO has given lanzarote the World Biosphere Reserve title, in order to protect it. Standing between the peaks of the mountains of silver and black rock formations in the interior of the island and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were on the surface of the moon. The scenery on the Timanfaya National Park deserves a special mention. It is pockmarked by craters more than a hundred volcanoes, known as the Fire Mountains. The legacy of César Manrique You can not visit Lanzarote without seeing at least an art installation by the famous artist Cesar Manrique. The island is covered with their creations outside the wall. Head to Jameos del Agua, on the north coast, to explore underground caves transformed into a stylish bar and a concert hall. Things to see and do in Lanzarote Beaches for all seasons Lanzarote beaches come in more varieties than Heinz soup. You have the busy stretch of sand in Puerto del Carmen, Bay Blue Flag Playa Blanca, and issues hub-and-sword in Costa Teguise. Moreover, thanks to the proximity of Lanzarote to Africa, beaches on the island are kept warm throughout the year. Great beach Playa Grande runs along the main road of Puerto del Carmen, which is full of restaurants and bars. The beach itself is very long and wide, and there is a generous helping of sun beds, which can be rented for the day for a few euros. If you fancy a break from the sun, rent a pedalo and take to the sea – you’ll get great views of the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. Secret Beach Bookended by the cliffs, the beaches of Papagayo, in the far south of Lanzarote, are completely unspoilt and protected by national park status. There are two ways to access them – rent a car and drive along the access road rugged mountains, or take a water taxi from the port of Playa Blanca. Buys design Lots of shops selling designer labels Lanzarote, but Puerto Calero near Puerto del Carmen has the best portfolio. In this quiet port town you can buy Armani, DKNY and Ralph Lauren. You will find a good selection of shops high end fashion Calle Real Reef and Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca, too. Buys midrange High street fashion and international brand cosmetics come thick and fast in Lanzarote. You will find shops like Zara, Mango and The Body Shop corralled within large shopping centers such as the Biosphere in Puerto del Carmen and Deiland in Playa Honda, located a short bus ride from Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise. Bargain Buys Lanzarote markets are sacred ground for bargain hunters. You can pick up everything from lace and handmade jewelry to fake designer watches and small guitars called timples canaries. The biggest market is held in Teguise – a 10-minute drive from Costa Teguise – Sunday. There is also one near the Church of San Ginés in Arrecife on Saturday and one on the Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca on Wednesday. relaxed evenings Just 20 minutes from Playa Blanca, the picturesque fishing village of El Golfo has a reputation for having the best fish restaurants in the Canary Islands. Do not expect a menu though – in some restaurants simply choose “meat” or “fish” and leave your hands dinner cooks. If you are staying in Costa Teguise, a car north of 20 minutes will take you to Los Jameos del Agua – a living underground concerts and bar designed by César Manrique. In Playa de los Pocillos, nights tend to be played in restaurants and bars to the family of the city. evening entertainment Puerto del Carmen is the leading pack nightlife Lanzarote. The Avinda de las Playas is home to a long list of bars and clubs offering everything from R & B music karaoke. In Playa Blanca, the liveliest areas are the Papagayo Shopping Center near Playa Dorada and Lemons Point Mall, near the port. Costa Teguise takes a back seat in terms of nightlife, but there are some karaoke bars and cocktail around Playa de las Cucharas and Calle las Olas. arrugdas potatoes You can not escape wrinkled potatoes in the Canary Islands. These miniature baked potato skins are crispy and hot fluffy centers. Traditionally they served as tapas plate, drizzled with spicy pepper terracotta. Broth millet and chickpeas This soup is one of the number one destroyers hunger Lanzarote. It is made from corn, garlic, water, paprika, parsley, chickpeas and bacon and is so thick sometimes a knife and fork is necessary to cut the ingredients. The best way to eat is with slices of freshly baked bread. Tollos This dish has an effect similar to Marmite bias – either love or hate. In short, it is a traditional recipe based on dogfish. The fish is soaked overnight to soften it, and then fried with vinegar, crushed garlic, cumin, saffron, paprika and red peppers. frangollo This dish falls into the category used-as-mother-to-make. It is produced by heating the milk, cornstarch, lemon, eggs, sugar, raisins and cinnamon. The finished product looks like a cross between bread and butter pudding and custard. In Lanzarote, it is traditional to pour the hot milk and sugar on top to serve. In Lanzarote, the grapes are grown in an unusual way. The vines are grown in small craters made by the man on the ground rather than on trellises. The most popular wine on the island is Malvasia, which has a rich, sweet flavor and tends to be carried out after dinner.

How to Travel Alone Securely

If you encounter problems in a foreign country, contact the embassy or nearest as soon as possible consulate.
I am a little cautious when meeting new people. Ask lots of questions and get to know people before you tell them that you’re traveling alone. You do not want to become a target for others to take advantage of you.
Tips & Warningstravel,travel alone
Meet other travelers through classes or groups of tourists. They can share tips with you and even become temporary travel companions.
Become a regular: Visit shop consistently or have breakfast in the same cafe every morning, and meet the people who work there. They can give you tips about the area and, when needed, provide assistance, which can be especially important in an emergency.
Go to a restaurant and bring a book, magazine or letter-writing materials. You can also bring a guide or map to help you plan the next part of your trip.
Create a temporary home, if you’re staying more than a couple of days, decorating your room with familiar objects, such as pictures, candles and flowers.
Follow some of the routines you have at home: Drink a cup of coffee in the morning, take a jog in the afternoon, visit the night market.
Get comfortable in your own
Stay sober, or at least know your limits when drinking.
Walk with confidence. If you feel nervous, find a fellow traveler as a temporary companion or stay close to another pedestrian so that you do not appear to be alone.
You dress like a local resident, or at least try to go unnoticed in their dress and behavior.
Know the area where you are staying, and trust your intuition; avoid places that look risky.
People familiar with the hotel reception, and inform them of your comings and goings. Give them emergency numbers of family or,travel alone
Avoid opening the door to people who are unknown to you or who do not identify themselves.
Ask for a room that is not on the ground floor, which can offer easy access through a window.
Research your destination so you know what to expect in terms of attitudes towards foreigners and, if you are female, women.
Consider learning basic self-defense. For example, when hitting the eyes, nose, throat, groin or knees can disable an assailant.

To learn a little more English history, look it up

Whatever, wherever, whenever

Angels are definitely on high in the Cardiff Castle banqueting hall. Angels are definitely on high in the Cardiff Castle banqueting hall.

by Kathy

An old, sexist joke relates the tale of the long-married couple who’ve just finished a round of perfunctory sex. The wife, lying back in the “afterglow,” stares thoughtfully up at the ceiling and declares, “Beige. I think we should paint the ceiling beige.”

Or, maybe she and he should move to England and seek to make life a little more interesting. Surely the ceilings would be more interesting. The variety, the artistry, the engineering and sheer work of it all are enough to hold your attention for a lot longer than an afternoon delight or two.

So, the ceilings: We’ve visited more than a half-dozen of Oxford’s colleges now, plus an array of castles, cathedrals, abbeys and assorted other grand spaces in which the ceilings alone have been worth the price of admission. I’ll mention just a…

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Walking the West Rogers Park eruv, the invisible spiritual city on Chicago’s North Side

Picnic at the Cathedral

Look closely.  See the long, black rectangle hidden in the mural below, beneath the red arms?  That’s a door to a invisible city.


An invisible city, or perhaps more accurately, an enclosed spiritual zone, known as an eruv.  I’ve been  traveling through the West Rogers Park eruv for years, unaware of its existence, until a few weeks ago when I learned about it from a fascinating  book—Out of the Loop: Vernacular Architecture Forum Chicago

So here’s the deal: Jewish law as interpreted by the Torah and Talmud prohibits people from carrying things outside of a private space during Shabbat (from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) and on the holiday Yom Kippur (which begins tonight).  As you can imagine, this prohibition against carrying can be mighty impractical—like say, you can’t carry your house keys or your glasses or other slightly important things such as…..hmmmm……your baby.  That’s where the eruv (pronounced

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